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So I'm currently listening to AYH LE that has finally came to my arms, I'M SO HYPED WHEN I RECIEVED IT XD

I ordered on 10 September 2016, it arrived just yesterday, 14 January 2017. It has been almost like 4 months since I paid for it and like 2 and a half months since the album released in Japan HAHAHA. Their concert has already ended, but I'm glad that it's finally here :")

I did not listen to the album at all when it was released, the new songs I've been listening is Nino's solo (LIKE 40 TIMES ALREADY AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and I think I listened to miles away once, but now I've mostly forgotten how it sounds like... Praise me for being such a patient fangirl (WAHAHAHA. Ah, and I also have listened to Don't You Get It and watched the PV (I couldn't help myself, which arashian could anyway?), and ofc, I've already listened to Ai wo Sakebe, Fukkatsu Love, I seek, and Daylight multiple times.

I uploaded a lot to my IG stories, I'm going to put all of the pics that I've took and those IG stories vidoes here! And here we go!

Opening the package:

This is how the box and packaging looks like:
The front:

The sides:

The back:

The packaging is soo awesome, the box is so thick and the paper quality is the best. Even the plastic that wrap the album quality is so nice. It's that kind of plastic that doesn't get ripped easliy and also quite thick. I'm glad that I bought this LE XD. It is indeed expensive tho hahaha. Japanese are so awesome at making high quality items.

I thought it was the official concert goods, but it was not, still, I'm so happy to recieve stickers XD. The shop where I bought this LE made the sticker themselves.

How it looks like while being disassembled:

The CD Cover:

And the insides:

And also the booklet!!

My thoughts of listening the songs (mostly) for the first time: (and I've read about people's thoughts about the songs, so these thoughts are not purely mine, some are affected by what I read from other people posts and tumblrs)

1. Drive : A really good choice for the first song, I really like this song! And I think it would calmed me down while driving to hear this.

2. I Seek : To my surprise I forgot most of the lyrics in the middle, I think it's because I never listened to I Seek full songs that much. I didn't quite like it when I first hear this song, but I Seek is really is addictive. It's very catchy.

3. Ups and Downs : Hmm,... I think it's an okay song for me, does not really leave a deep impression haha, but I remembered their lift-up stages because of this songs. After I listened to it again, it is a fun song to listen ~ (update: this become the song I've repeated again and again for a few past days, it's so catchy ..... HAHA)

4. Seishun Boogie : It really does sounds like 90s animes opening Song,.. Or 80s,... Or any era of anime song... HAHA. The super fast part did startle me quite a bit... Whoa sho fast HAHA

5. Sunshine : The tone was quite calming, and it's very Sho like. Quite similar to Hey Yeah, but Hey Yeah is much more upbeat than this I think.

6. Fukkatsu Love : IKUTA TOMA! ONE OF MY FAVORITE PV HAHAHAHA. I've listened to this song like  A LOT of times. But then when I was listening it by headset, I realised that the guitar sounds kinda weird for me... HAHA what was that... But I still like this song <3

7. Amore : It... sounds like anime song! HAHAHA Aiba why are your supervision song and solo sounds like anime song to me HAHA. It's okay I guess (?) Not that fond of when I listened it the first time.

8. Bad boy : I think someone says this somewhere in tumblr, but it really reminds me of PSY songs XD. And I like it! And there are still some of Riida non-autotuned song (am I right? haha) and his high notes. It's good.

9. Wonder Love : I love the high notes in this song! Was that Nino? I like this song XD, Maybe because of Nino is the one who supervise this song,... I'm so biased towards him lol.

10. Mata Kyou to Onaji Ashita ga Kuru: NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING, I CAN LISTEN TO THIS LIKE 100 TIMES AHAHAHAHA, I fell in love so quick right when I hear the intro. I really love that kind of intro.

11. Daylight: MIYAMA SENSEI HAHA, I love this song so much when I was watching 99.9 XD. It's indeed has that hopeful tone.

12. Ai wo Sakebe : I wanna dance the Ai wo Sakebe dance HAHAHA. One the earliest Arashi's songs that I've listened and watch the performance back then when I wasn't an Arashian. I remember laughing watching those 30 year old ojisantachi dancing to these.... And now I'm in love with them... Talk about karma LOL

13. Baby Blue : I'm not that surprised but,... I'm okay with Jun's voice HAHA. And this song is fun to listen to.

14. Miles Away : This song is calming, and so wonderful. It kinda reminds me to an old english song. This is really good. An arashi harmony... Thank you riida.

15. To my Homies : The intro was very Sho like... Well duh, yeah, because he's the one who's saying the intro. Thank you Sho for a lot of Arashi raps XD. This is a song that sounds so friendly ~ But the haha, and some of the sound effect (?) sounds kinda weird for me... Maybe because I'm listening to it throught headset...

16. Don't You Get It : This is a fun song! And it's really fun to watch their performance. XD


Bonus: Me Playing with Bubble Wrap lol

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