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So I'm currently listening to AYH LE that has finally came to my arms, I'M SO HYPED WHEN I RECIEVED IT XD

I ordered on 10 September 2016, it arrived just yesterday, 14 January 2017. It has been almost like 4 months since I paid for it and like 2 and a half months since the album released in Japan HAHAHA. Their concert has already ended, but I'm glad that it's finally here :")

I did not listen to the album at all when it was released, the new songs I've been listening is Nino's solo (LIKE 40 TIMES ALREADY AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and I think I listened to miles away once, but now I've mostly forgotten how it sounds like... Praise me for being such a patient fangirl (WAHAHAHA. Ah, and I also have listened to Don't You Get It and watched the PV (I couldn't help myself, which arashian could anyway?), and ofc, I've already listened to Ai wo Sakebe, Fukkatsu Love, I seek, and Daylight multiple times.

Click here to see the pics! )
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This was my collaboration with Xandra for arashi's 17th anniversary back in 3 November. She covers the rap, while I cover the vocal. And such a coincidence, 3th of November is the day when arashi released their first single, A.Ra.Shi! (well, I think it's an coincidential decision that we cover this song for that day, LOL).
So, here's the cover song:

A.RA.SHI covered by southview and hika_lyra (Team Orenjii).
Vocal covered by Lyra and rap covered by Xandra.
Recorded via Smule.

Ah, this was posted on her livejournal and also on our tumblr teamorenjii :D

(P.S. Such a coincidence that today's riida birthday! Happy birthday Riida! Okaasan, thank you for always giving birth to him! XD)
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So, it's already November huh? Time sure flies by so fast!
17 years ago on this date, Arashi released their very first single, A.RA.SHI. And since then, this date has become their official anniversary date!

This is my first time ever making a fanart for Arashi fandom XD

And this will sounds so damn cheesy but,...
Happy officially 17 years old my beloved group! Please always be our five colored rainbow that appears during the storm XD ahaha


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Basically a post about reasons why I love Nino

My ichiban is Nino, because he's such a wonderful sarcastic brat XD
Ahaha, because he is so damn good in acting that I fell in love with him, such a heart-warming and worth-squealing romantic, and he do magic tricks! Who doesn't love magic XD ahahaha
And his songs tells a lot of stories from their lyrics, and I love songs that tell stories :D
So, that's why I love Nino <3

(I made those edits for Nino's 33th birthday, I feel like posting it here too, so here it is!)

嵐 5x17!

Sep. 15th, 2016 12:01 am
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It was started in Hawaii, 17 years ago, on September 15th, 1999. And look how far you have made it...
Sometimes when I look at how you guys made it this far by all of those hard works, I feel ashamed that I sometimes do not give my best in some certain things. Although it kinda sting, thank you for reminding me that I should do the best that I could in every aspects in my life.
Thank you for your hard works for 17 years, thank you for the happiness that you give to us, and thank you for inspiring a lot of people! Please keep doing those magic that amaze people and touch their hearts!
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Happy Birthday !
Although you are not my ichiban (well, you're my niban), thank you for making me like arashi and dragging me into this fandom!


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