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I made this exploding box for my friend's birthday, southview (Happy BIRTHDAY!) and took a sky themed exploding box. The outer appearence has a vintage look and when you open the box, the first layers will greet you with stars and quotes on the bottom of the box and on the inside of the lid.

The second layers are for the photos, I haven't put them on when I took the pics and the videos, but the decorations were already finished by then. The 2nd layer has the sky theme too, where I took an image from the kimi no na wa sky (because that anime aesthetics is so damn NICE), a raining days pic because life has its rainy days, also a blue clear sky and the last is an yellow-geenish-bluish sky filled with air ballons, although you can't see the air balloons clearly because on that pic I put an arashi Are You Happy themed frame XD.
Well, so much for the explanations, here's the video, enjoy :D

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Now, that I have given the exploding box to my senior (who is graduating this year), I shall post a video in here! Yatta~
It took me and my friends roughly a week to make this (and minus the procrastination).

Now I present you an exploding box! XD

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Oh no, don't call the police, I did not put a bomb in a box. Nope, exploding box is not the same as cube-shaped bomb. So, this post won't explain about wires, timers, explosions, and such.

So, what is an exploding box? Well, if you don't know, this gif might explain it:

An exploding box is called as an exploding box because when you open the lid, the sides will fall and seemed like it exploded.
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